After Bad Weather, Do Bees Become More Active?

When there is a severe storm that rolls in, you have probably realized that a lot of animals tend to run and hide. Then, if you go outside immediately after a thunderstorm, you may feel like there are some animals that are out more than others. For example, you may see more lizards, bugs, and worms crawling on the sidewalk. Then, all of a sudden, you might feel a sting on your arm! If you feel like bees are more active following a severe storm, there are a few important points to keep in mind.

Animals, Including Bees, Are Good Predictors of the Weather

First, it is important to understand that many animals are exceptional predictors of the weather. If you own a dog or a cat, you may notice that they tend to run and hide right before a severe storm rolls through. That is because many animals, including bees, have organs and sensors that can detect changes in temperature and pressure very quickly. If there is a storm coming through, the pressure in the air might drop, and animals, including bees, can detect it.

There are a lot of scientists, including beekeepers, who have seen that bees tend to get more active immediately before or after a storm. After a storm departs, bees tend to require a lot of food and water, so they will behave more frantically. If you are outside immediately after a storm, you may see some bees flying around. That might be why you get stung. You will also see that bees are more active after hurricanes or tornadoes go through because they can cause severe changes in air pressure.

Securing Beehives Is Important

It is not unusual for beehives to weigh between 60 and 90 pounds when they have a lot of bees and honey. In preparation for a storm, bees will do everything they can to fill gaps in the hive to prevent it from being damaged. If you have beehives that you are trying to protect, you may want to secure the entire hive with some extra weight. Even laying a rock or brick on top of the hive could be enough to keep it in place. If there is a severe storm rolling through, it is important to use straps to prevent the hive from blowing away.

Bees Are Not Fans of Severe Weather

You are probably used to seeing a lot of bees outside during the summertime. It is true that they love the warm sun, hot temperatures, and more humidity. Therefore, if there is a severe storm system rolling through, they are not going to like the cooler temperatures. Bees can sense when severe storms are coming, so their normal behavior will disappear very quickly.

For example, when bees are stressed out by a severe weather system, they might become more aggressive. They could be concerned that something is going to threaten the hive, or they might be worried that their food source is about to disappear.

Then, after the storm leaves, bees will become more active as they try to make sure they have enough food and repair any damage to the hive. It is true that bees will eventually go back to their normal behavior, but it might take some time for them to do so. As a result, you may realize that bees are a bit more aggressive in the immediate aftermath of a severe storm.

Even though bees may have some difficulty flying in the rain, they need water to survive. Because they haven’t been able to leave the hive for a long time, they might be a bit hungry and dehydrated. This could make them more irritable and aggressive, so they are going to be more sensitive to changes in the environment. Even though you might not mean any harm, they may interpret you as a threat, which is why people are more likely to get stung after a severe weather system has gone through.

Once they realize that the hive is fine, they are likely to go back to their normal behavior. Regardless of whether you are a professional or not, you need to be aware of how changes in the weather could have an impact on bee behavior. If you see a lot of bees flying around in the immediate aftermath of a storm, you might want to keep your distance. Otherwise, you could end up getting stung.

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