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At Buzz Tech Professional Bee Removal, we know that bees are some of the most important members of our local community. Here in Chandler, bees are vital for helping flowers bloom, promoting our natural wildlife, and ensuring our community stays green and beautiful.

However, bees can also be a challenging species to live with. Individuals can be allergic to their stings and bees too close to the home might need to be moved. Bee removal is best handled by the pros to ensure no one, human or bee, gets harmed in the process!

Here’s what Chandler residents need to know about bee removal in Chandler.

Signs You Need Bee Removal In Chandler, AZ

It’s coming to see some bees flying around. Bees are naturally occurring insects and seeing if you fly by is no cause for alarm. However, there are a few signs that you might want to get in touch with our professional bee removal service.

These are the four big signs that you need to give us a call today:

There Are Just Too Many Bees

We just mentioned that seeing a few bees is normal, but if you start to see bees constantly it might be a sign that they have a nest nearby.

Seeing too many bees is a sure sign that they’ve taken up residence near your home. This is particularly the case if you regularly see the bees congregating in a specific area. That’s a definite sign that they’ve either built a nest in that area or they’re currently working on one. This is the best time to give us a call so we can humanely relocate the bees.

You See A Beehive On Your Property

If you see a bee nest, or a beehive, on your property it’s also a definite sign that you’ve got to give us a call.

Most species of bees tend to be fairly docile and leave people alone so long as they feel they’re safe. However, if bees feel like their nest is under attack they will defend their home. This is why it’s important to have professionals relocate the bees rather than trying to do this on your own.

Indoor Bee Nests

The best time to call us for bee removal is before the bees get into the home. It’s much more difficult to humanely remove bees once they’ve started to build a hive indoors. This is fairly rare, but removing a beehive that is taking up space in an attic or in walls is much more difficult than it is to remove a beehive that is outdoors.

Hornets and bees can head indoors to build their nests as these places provide Shelter From the elements. You can expect to see these insects move indoors when the weather turns harsh.

Signs Of An Indoor Beehive

There are a few telltale signs of an indoor bee or wasp infestation. The two most obvious are seeing more bees inside the home and spotting the nest itself.

A more subtle sign that most people don’t know about is seeing a dark spot suddenly appear on your wall. This dark spot tells you where the hive is located and the discoloration is actually being caused by honey leaking from the hive.

Our Professional Bee Removal Services

Buzz Tech Professional Bee Removal offers several services designed to quickly handle your bee infestation problem. We have a fast and responsive team of beekeeping experts that can tackle everything from a stubborn wasp nest to the humane removal of a massive honey bee hive.

Here are our essential bee removal services in Chandler, AZ.

Why Call A Professional Bee Removal Service?

It’s always best to reach out to professional bee removal service. This is for your safety as well as the health and well-being of our flying insect friends.

Bees, and even wasps, tend to stay out of people’s way unless they feel that they’re being threatened. When you attempt to remove a bee, wasp, or hornet infestation on your own, there’s a good chance that those insects will feel threatened by your actions.

It’s unfortunate, but DIY bee removal is when we hear of the most incidents of individuals being injured by these insects.

This is where we can help. We offer fast and efficient professional bee removal services that can safely remove flying insects from your property without risk of you and your family being injured.

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