Goodyear Bee Removal

Goodyear Bee Removal

Here at Buzz Tech Pest Control, we offer comprehensive bee removal services in Goodyear. We can handle everything from safely relocating honey bees to taking care of a dangerous wasp infestation.

Here’s what homeowners in Goodyear should know about bee removal.

Five Signs You Need Bee Removal

Here are five signs that you need a professional bee removal service to come and handle the infestation in your home or on your property.

More Bees Than Normal

The first thing you want to look out for is that there are more bees than usual around your property. This can be a little hard to measure, so we’re going to give you a few tips.

Bees are beneficial insects that we share the natural world with. They pollinate the flowers in our garden as well as the produce that we eat. Seeing a few bees here and there it’s just a sign of a healthy environment and not a cause for alarm.

Things change when you start to notice large numbers of bees around your property frequently. This is definitely a sign that there could be a hive nearby.

Swarms Spotted

One of the biggest signs that you need professional bee removal is if you’ve noticed a swarm of bees near your property.

You’ll notice a swarm right away. This is a large cloud of bees that typically congregate around the area where their hive is located.

Swarms of bees can occasionally pass through an area as they relocate their hive. If you see a swarm of bees on your property and then it’s gone the next day, it’s probably moved on to an area more beneficial for the bees.

If one of these sticks around, you should give Buzz Tech Pest Control a call. We can help you safely remove beneficial bees from your property as well as bee proof your home and yard to prevent hives from being attracted to your home.

Dark Spots on Walls

Here’s one sign of a bee infestation that most people don’t know about.

If you’ve noticed the appearance of sudden dark spots on your walls, it’s a sign that there could be bees living in the walls of your home.

These dark spots are actually caused by the honey in the hive itself. It seeps into the walls darkening the color of any location where bees have built their nest.

Another telltale sign is that these darkened spots are often a little warm to the touch. This is on account of the bees living inside of the hive generating their own body heat.

Bees in the House

We share our environment with bees and that means one or two will occasionally get into your home. One bee here or there is usually not a sign of an infestation in your home or near an entryway.

However, if you routinely notice bees in your home, it’s a sure sign that you have an infestation somewhere in your home or on your property. This is especially the case if you notice swarms near or inside your home.

You can also notice a few other signs of a bee infestation when bees try to fly in and out of your home. You can think about it this way: from the bee’s perspective, it’s leaving for work and then coming back home later in the day.

Bees might be an unwelcome roommate, but we can safely remove them.

A Hive Near Your Home 

Bees like to build their hives in places that are going to be safe from predators. These locations are also more ideal if they’re protected from the elements.

Cracks in your walls as well as gaps between the walls and the ceiling can create ideal homes for a bee hive. They’re shielded from both the environment as well as common bee predators.

Piles of debris are also a favorite for bees. This can be anything from unused building supplies from a home renovation project to piles of wood or other landscaping debris.

Our Goodyear Bee Removal Services

We offer the best bee removal service in Goodyear. These are just a few of the services offered by our professional and dedicated bee removal team.

  • 24 hour availability, seven days a week
  • Honeycomb/hive removal 
  • Bee proofing your home 
  • Wasp removal 
  • Quick turnaround times—as fast as 90 minutes from your call! 

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