Tempe Bee Removal

Tempe Bee Removal

Bees are one of the most vital, hard-working insects globally. However, they can be an inconvenience, especially when traveling as a swarm. While they are essential for pollination and agricultural production, they are also highly volatile and cause substantial damage.

If you have a bee nest on your property, it would be best to consider hiring a professional pest control service. Read further to determine the signs of a bee infestation and the removal services at Buzz Tech Pest Control in Tempe, Arizona.

How Stinging Insects Can Endanger Homes & Health

Bees use a stinger for self-defense in threatening situations. Depending on the areas they prefer to work, they could be helpful or a nuisance. However, they habitually build nests in attics, walls, and trees. Residential properties often suffer interior damage caused by honeybees or structural damage caused by wood-loving carpenter bees.

Swarms are often a severe medical threat. They can cause several adverse reactions, such as excruciating joint pain, redness, itching, and swelling. However, more severe symptoms are fatal allergic reactions such as respiratory distress or shock, requiring urgent emergency care.

Signs of an Active Bee Infestation

Under severe circumstances, beehive removal is necessary. Since bees are known to attack if intruders venture too close, you can be in danger of an injury or a colony invasion. There are several signs to decide if you need to hire professionals to handle a bee rescue and removal procedure:

Nests or Honeycombs Around the Home

One typical sign of a bee infestation is a nest. There could be a considerable amount of wax, honey, and bees in the colony. As a result, another swarm may smell the old nest. If you see more than one nest, they can attract other bees and encourage them to build more. Not only is the situation problematic, but it would also require professional removal.

Honeycombs are another indicator. They can be small or large slabs that draw other insects such as wasps and hornets. Approaching a honeycomb in progress can trigger an attack, leading to injuries and property damage. Therefore, it would be best to avoid disturbing bees as they work.

Discolored, Irregular Spots on the Ceilings or Walls

Dark patches on the ceiling or walls indicate excessive bee activity. For example, honeybees create a nest inside a wall structure and fill each cell with honey. As a result, the sticky, liquid substance may leak onto your walls, destroying wood or other building materials. It can also attract vermin such as termites and rodents, causing additional damage.

Bee Accumulation in a Short Period

Although one or two bees do not necessarily indicate an issue, a small group can progress into a swarm. Bees often fly in packs outdoors, but they may also settle inside your home. Many colonies prefer to linger in attics and walls for shade and protection, mainly from harsh weather elements. Consider checking behind drywalls if you believe a bee colony is on your property, but you’re unable to locate its origin.

Loud Buzzing Sounds

If you hear buzzing or humming coming from your walls, most likely, bees are living on your property. When a swarm targets a new space, they establish an active colony. However, the buzzing can intensify as bees continue to join the beehive.

Buzzing is usually the loudest during the day due to warmer temperatures during the summer. As humidity intensifies, the bees flap their wings rapidly to cool the hive down, protecting their queen and her eggs. Therefore, the more regular the buzz, the larger the swarm.

Sawdust Piles on Windows or Doors

When bees, mainly carpenter bees, drill into wood material, they leave behind sawdust. Frass often appears in piles below the site of existing holes. You may also find piles sticking to doors, window frames, sills, or other surfaces close to bee tunnels.

Excessive Carcasses

The most common part of the normal colony life cycle is dead bees. While the situation is unfortunate, it can create a mess on your property and attract a surviving colony. Bees can kill each other in desperate situations, destroying the entire hive.

Our Professional Services

Buzz Tech Pest Control is a highly favored bee elimination company. Our team has three decades of experience in the industry and a reputable background. Check out our list of popular bee removal services if you’re looking for reliable assistance:

  • Round the Clock High Priority Service Sat thru Sunday
  • Safe Bee Removal – Yellowjackets, Bumble Bees, and Carpenter Bees
  • Honeybee Rescue and Removal/Honeycomb Cleanup
  • Licensed and Insured to Serve 28 Cities in Arizona
  • Fast Inspection and Removal Procedure Within 60-90 Minutes


Buzz Tech Pest Control experts in Tempe can evaluate your pest situation and recommend effective solutions. Contact us to learn more about our company’s services and approach to eliminating bees on your property.

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