Bee Extermination v. Live Removal

Bees may be closely regarded allies when it comes to food production and environmental health, but that doesn’t mean we want them living within our walls. When the swarming season arises during spring, residents throughout Arizona have to take a close look at their property to keep bees at bay, but what happens when bees have already set up a hive?

While it may seem appealing to reach out to a bee exterminator to protect your home from these pollinating insects, you might want to opt instead for a live removal service from Buzz Tech Pest Control.

Let’s take a moment to learn the differences between live removal and bee extermination services.

Reasons to Avoid Bee Extermination Services

It may seem like the easiest thing in the world to hire an exterminator to handle your potential bee problem. However, negative consequences manifest after every extermination. Throughout Arizona, common bee infestations can be traced back to Honey Bees, Bumble Bees, and Carpenter Bees.

Insecticides Harm the Environment; Bee Population

The leading reason to avoid extermination services is to prevent your home and property from being treated with harmful chemical insecticides. These insecticides hurt not just the hive that has been treated, but also the colonies surrounding the areas. New bees may arrive to take over the hive, thus spreading chemicals even further into the surrounding areas.

Extermination Services Aren’t Always Permanent

Did you know that extermination services aren’t always completely effective? Unless a thorough job is accomplished, bees will return to the hive and to the area. In fact, even the weather won’t keep a bee infestation away. A modern beehive provides the colony with enough food and comfort to thrive throughout the colder seasons. As queens can lay more than 2,000 eggs per day, an infestation can quickly become problematic.

Why Choose Live Bee Removal?

So a bee exterminator likely isn’t the best choice for handling your burgeoning infestation. What can you do to handle the rapidly growing beehive on your property? In terms of effectiveness, your best option might be to opt for live bee removal from the team at Buzz Tech Pest Control.

Let’s highlight the top reasons to consider live bee removal services when dealing with bees on your property.

  • Deter Infestations – As we alluded to above, leaving behind even remnants of a hive can lead to bees returning in the future. By opting for a live bee removal service, a technician will ensure that the hive and all traces of its beeswax have been eradicated from the premises. In doing so, the scent that would otherwise attract bees will be diminished. For homes frequently warring with bee infestations, this might be the best reason!
  • Preserve the Health of the Hive – A live bee removal service doesn’t do damage to the bees themselves. Instead, Buzz Tech’s qualified technicians perform a safe, clean, and effective service within 90 minutes of your call.
  • Avoid Harmful Chemicals – Common pesticides and insecticides can cause harm to yourself and your loved ones, as well as the surrounding area. Buzz Tech Pest Control avoids harmful chemicals in lieu of a safe, convenient, and much more natural removal service.
  • Opt For Safety – Not only are bee infestations potentially reoccurring problems, but they can also manifest into very real danger for yourself or those living within your home. Africanized honey bees are a very real problem. With emergency services available, technicians from Buzz Tech Pest Control can analyze your property to detect an infestation, the type of bee, and the best route for removal.

While it can be hard to deal with a bee infestation, you don’t have to immediately reach for the most dramatic extermination services. Instead, consider calling a technician at Buzz Tech Pest Control to inspect your property!

Buzz Tech Pest AZ Professional Bee Removal

Buzz Tech Pest Control proudly serves Phoenix and the surrounding area with professional bee removal services. With over three decades of combined experience and hands-on experience removing 5,000+ hives, Buzz Tech is ready to answer the call for your bee removal needs.

To continue offering award-winning services, Buzz Tech Pest Control promises:

  • Convenient Service – Open 7-days out of the week, Buzz Tech Pest Control is always on call to help with your bee infestation needs. With emergency services available, you are only ever an hour away from your next appointment.
  • Experienced Professionals – Three decades of industry experience have led to over 5,000 hives being removed by the team at Buzz Tech. With a license from the Arizona Department of Agriculture as well as insurance well over all of the required limits, clients at Buzz Tech can expect fast and friendly service from experienced professionals.

The team at Buzz Tech Pest Control has proudly served the surrounding areas for years. Contact the team today to see how Buzz Tech can help YOU live a bee-free life!