Getting Rid Of Honey Bees: What NOT To Do!

Nearly 90% of all plant species on earth rely on pollinators to properly reproduce. Honey bees are prolific purveyors of pollination, helping to foster the plant systems that produce nearly a third of the world’s food supply. When we find bees infesting our living spaces, we have to think very carefully about how we take care of them by acknowledging the environment and the insects in question. Bees are vital to our ecosystem but they don’t need to live in our homes.

Today, we are going to look at what NOT to do when you find a honey bee infestation on your property.

Skip Doing the Job Yourself

Did you know the average honey bee hive can feature between 10,000 and 60,000 stinging bees? An established colony building a space within your home speaks to a larger problem and one that a professional bee removal business can tackle. Buzz Tech Pest Control has proudly served the state of Arizona with professional bee removal services, having already removed more than 5,000 hives throughout the state.

The proper and safe removal of honey bees from a structure can be labor-intensive while requiring advanced professional knowledge. Don’t put yourself or your home at risk, let a professional pest control company handle your infestation.

Don’t Seal the Entry Point of the Hive

If you manage to track down the entrance to the honey bee hive on your property, you might feel compelled to seal it shut to starve out the creatures. While this is certainly a common tactic for dealing with honey bees, it is far from an effective one. With the entrance sealed, the bees within will begin looking for other ways to escape their hive. Once they find another exit, the bees will begin shuffling in and out of your home, sometimes for weeks at a time.

A single colony can sustain tens of thousands of honey bees, so don’t let this problem fester or it will continue to grow.

Avoid Drenching the Hive in Bee Killer

For some folks, a can of bee or wasp killer can be the ultimate solution to any pest problem. Unfortunately, this is far from an effective approach to dealing with any infestation. While bee-killing spray may remove a few hundred bees within the hive, there are tens of thousands more hiding within your walls and floorboards. Instead of making the hive furious, consider opting for a more expansive bee control solution.

Buzz Tech Pest Control offers one-hour service to ensure that your emergency needs are always met when an infestation is found on your property. Don’t perform a risky fix when a professional solution is just a call away.

Don’t Simply Ignore the Problem

There are seemingly few problems that become better by ignoring them and a honey bee infestation is no exception. Ignoring a beehive is a great way to get a larger, older, and more resilient hive. The second major issue that manifests when we ignore a bee infestation is that they may move into a second and larger location.

If you want to avoid bringing a honey bee infestation to your neighbors or a neighboring building, you might want to contact a pest control team at the first sign of a honey bee problem.

Avoid Trying to Smoke Out the Bees

One of the most common ‘solutions’ to addressing infestations is through the use of smoke. Beekeepers will often smoke bees out of their personal hives, but this becomes much more complicated and even dangerous in an uncontrolled environment. If you don’t have a private hive or the training to safely smoke bees out of your property, avoid doing so. While burning your house down would surely get rid of your infestation, it’s likely not the solution you were looking for.

Don’t Try and Kill the Bees

Despite their overwhelming importance not just to our daily lives but to our long-term health, people still kill honey bees when they are found within their property. Even if you get over the ethical concerns surrounding the extermination of bees, most of the time the efforts are in vain – pheromones are often left behind. You can eliminate all of the bees in a hive, but the remaining pheromones will attract future colonies to the area.

Instead of killing the bees and removing the hive yourself, consider calling upon a team that can perform a live honey bee extraction. Buzz Tech Pest Control is licensed by the Arizona Department of Agriculture and the team is trained to assist with your live hive removal needs.

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