Honey Bees in Arizona: When to Leave Them Bee

While it is important to remember that bees are our friends, there are times when they get a little too close to homes and businesses for our human peace of mind. Just spotting a bee isn’t usually cause for alarm, but there are indicators that you might have a bigger problem on your hands.

To help you make that determination, our team at Buzz Tech Professional Bee removal has put together this handy guide. Here’s what you need to know about honey bees in Arizona and when you need to be worried about telling them to buzz off.

Remember That Most Honey Bees are Harmless

While there is some truth to the rumor that all Arizona honey bees are co-mixed with the African variety, not all achieve aggressive status. In fact, it is often easy to tell the difference — traditional honey bees are fatter and less aggressive, while Africanized or so-called killer bees are much smaller and faster.

The honey bee is incredibly important to our ecosystem, which means you’re better off letting a bee roam than trying to swat or kill one. While there are certain circumstances where removal is unavoidable, as we will describe below, it is important to remember that they are being threatened.

When to Leave Honey Bees Alone

Did you just spot a bee in your Arizona backyard? It might not be that big of a deal. Here are a few guidelines to help you understand when there’s a problem and when you should just leave them alone.

If You Only See a Few Bees

There are people who think that seeing one or two bees is enough cause for concern. The truth is that the actual hive could be miles away, meaning the ones you’re spotting in your garden are likely just looking for water. In that case, it is perfectly fine to let them alone and wait for them to go on their way.

The Swarm of Bees Has Only Been in One Location for a Few Hours

Bees will stop to rest when they’re in swarm mode. If they’ve happened to take a break on your property, give it a bit of time to see if they’ll leave on their own. Often, they will move on after a few hours and won’t return. During this time, try to avoid going outside and keep your pets indoors.

You’re Doing Something to Attract the Bees

Sometimes, human actions are the reason you see bees in your yard. Maybe your child left a sticky popsicle on the patio table or you’re wearing strong floral perfume. Or perhaps you just have a beautiful garden that they’re looking to enjoy. Consider all factors first before deciding if you need bee removal service.

When You Need to Call a Bee Removal Specialist

Of course, there are times when it is important to remove a beehive from your home or business. If the safety of people or pets becomes a danger, then it is a good time to call our team at Buzz Tech Professional Bee removal for assistance. Here are a few signs to look out for to determine whether the bees you’re seeing are problematic.

Bees Are Coming and Going from Inside a Wall

If you notice an abundance of bees coming and going from inside a wall or a crack in the exterior of a building, you’ll want to contact a removal team immediately. Often, this is an indicator that they are attempting to build a hive inside, which could cause significant amounts of damage to the structure itself. When this happens, the honeycomb and honey cover the building materials themselves, which can create a bigger problem than the bees themselves.

There is a Swarm of More Than Just a Handful of Bees

If you notice a swarm of more than just a handful of bees, it might be a good time to get in touch with us. We’re talking a crazy amount, such as enough to cover an entire tree or a vehicle. In this instance, we can usually relocate the hive to a better area and help prevent any injuries to those around the area.

The Bees You Do See Are Extra Aggressive

If you notice a swarm outside that seems extra aggressive, then you’ll want to take steps to have them removed from your property. People ask us all the time what this means, but all we can really tell you is that you’ll know it when you see it. Africanized bees often move faster and will seem like they’re trying to attack anything nearby, which is in direct contrast to the usually docile demeanor of the Arizona honey bee.

Your Trusted Phoenix Bee Removal Service

Whether you have an entire swarm or are just looking for advice on what to do when honey bees visit your garden, our team at Buzz Tech Professional Bee Removal is here to help. Please contact us today to report a hive and schedule immediate service.