Most Common Places Bees Build Hives

Bees are resilient insects and can create a nest in some very strange places. For the most part, however, they tend to choose the same places on your property to call home. While we need bees as a vital part of our ecosystem, having them so close to home can be a nuisance. It can be dangerous too, if you have pets or family members who are allergic to their stings.

The following places are where bees may hide outside your home. Whenever you are going to access these places, take extra care to make sure you are not disturbing a hive. We also recommend keeping these places tidy so that bees are less likely to form a nest there.

Bird Feeders

When you place any type of box off of the ground and throw food inside it, you shouldn’t be surprised that insects will be attracted to it. Bird feeders are a very common place to find a hive and the bees that occupy these hives tend to be much more protective of their territory than most. Inspect any bird feeder regularly for signs that bees are making a home there and seek out a professional to remove them at the first sight of bees there.

Discarded Furniture

Many people will put out an old piece of furniture before they plan to have it taken away by the garbage man. Couches, chairs, and other furniture can invite bees to make a home for themselves. Bees can build a hive with surprising speed, so don’t leave furniture outside for very long. Having a beehive in an old piece of furniture can become a hazard to your family as well as the person who would be responsible for hauling it away.

Grills and Smokers

The enclosed space that a grill or smoker provides is perfect for a beehive. Bees prefer these types of spaces and will find a way to get to them if you are not vigilant about keeping your grill clean. Since you cook on it, the food residue can attract a hive, as well as a number of other unpleasant insects and creatures. If you haven’t used your grill in a while, approach it carefully and look for evidence of bee activity before removing the lid.

Trash Containers

Your garbage or recycling bin is extremely attractive because it contains sweet scents that attract bees. The fact that it provides an enclosed space is what makes the bees decide to stay. If you keep your trash containers outdoors, make sure that you watch for bees coming or going before you lift the lid. There is a possibility that you will find a hive.

Utility Boxes

Most people don’t give second thought to these locations because they only use them if needed. However, many are surprised when they go out to turn the water on or get a meter reading and they find a hive waiting for them. As with all of the other locations that are common homes for bees, you should approach utility boxes carefully and be aware of any bees that are coming and going.

Under Your Patio or Deck

Bees like to build hives in remote locations that are protected from wind and rain. This makes taking up a residence under your deck make a lot of sense. It becomes a problem when you are using the deck and bees aggressively defend what they perceive to be their home. Hives in these locations need to be removed as soon as possible to protect you and your family.

What to Do if You Discover a Hive

It is easy to overreact when you have found that bees are invading your space. The most humane response is to relocate the hive so that the bees can continue to contribute to the ecosystem. This will require professional help from people who know how to remove the hive, locate it elsewhere, and then help prevent the bees from returning.

If measures are not taken to discourage bees from returning, the removal of the hive is pointless. Keeping in mind the common places that bees will seek shelter will help you keep them away in the future.

Receive Quick Service on Demand with Buzz Tech

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