Top Dangers Faced By Bee Removal

When you find that bees and a beehive infest your home or backyard, you may feel tempted to take it upon yourself to remove them. However, it isn’t the best idea for you to handle it for yourself. It can be dangerous to remove a hive, especially when you are not sure what you’re doing. Before you get too close to the beehive, consider these dangers. It’s always best to hire a professional like AZ Professional Bee Removal.

Damage To The Hive

When you are inexperienced with bees, you can damage the hive. You need proper tools, equipment, and protective gear to remove a beehive properly. If you don’t handle the beehive properly, you might crush the bees, which can agitate them. You may also cause direct damage to the honeycomb with improper handling. The beehive is where honey is stored, and bees raise and keep their young. Mishandling the beehive may cause bees to die.

Aggression From Bees

Thousands of bees can make a beehive their home. Not only that, but they create nectar when they are in the hive. When you move the hive, you are disturbing thousands of bees. When in their hive, bees are on constant alert for invading bees trying to steal honey. They have a pheromone that alerts them when anyone, not just other bees, invades their hive. When this happens, bees become incredibly aggressive. Before you know it, you have an aggressive swarm of bees. Anything that is anywhere close to the bees or the hive is going to be attacked. When the bees attack, they will sting repeatedly. This is a dangerous position for anyone nearby.

Bee Stings

When you move a beehive, you run the risk of being stung. Bees are defensive, and when they feel threatened, they will sting. When you move the hive, they feel threatened. This means you can be stung repeatedly. The number of times you get stung depends on the number of bees and the size of the hive. Even if you aren’t allergic to their venom, bee stings can be painful and severe.

Allergic Reaction

For those allergic to bee stings, it can be incredibly dangerous for you to be stung. You may not even realize that you have a bee allergy until you get stung. When you have an allergy to bee stings, some of the side effects can be severe but not dangerous. However, it is possible that bee stings are deadly to someone with an allergy. Other typical side effects may be vomiting, swelling, dizziness, suffocation, and diarrhea. The pain from a bee sting can be excruciating and become even more painful with the more stings you receive. When a bee stings, it injects venom into your skin. The more stings you sustain means, the more venom you receive.

Spreading Bees

When you remove the beehive improperly, you may spread the bees to other areas. When bees spread, they create more hives and could cause problems somewhere else. When bees start colonies in other places, it may not be in the best area for them to live. Just think if they create a hive in someone else’s backyard, garage, or on a child’s playset.

Harmful To Bees

When you see bees in your yard, you may attempt to exterminate them. Unfortunately, there are some extermination methods that are more harmful to a colony of bees than others. For example, pesticides are extremely harmful to bees and could lead to them becoming extinct. While using a chemical or pesticide may be your first thought, it isn’t always the best one for the bees. To have them removed safely, you should contact a professional bee removal company like AZ Professional Bee Removal.

It Could Be Illegal

Typically, it isn’t illegal to remove bees. However, the regulations change based on area and location. There could be specific regulations in your area regarding the way bees are removed. In areas where beekeeping is regulated, and permits are required, there may be laws to protect the bees. There could also be regulations about keeping and removing them from your property. To avoid breaking any laws related to bees, you should hire a professional to remove the bees for you.

Final Thoughts

There are some major threats to bees. For some, they can be a nuisance that you want out of your way. Others see the value of bees and work hard to protect them. As a result, you should not attempt to remove bees on your own. Not only could it be dangerous to you and your family, but also to the bee and honey population. If you have unwanted bees, contact AZ Professional Bee Removal.