What to Do When Bees Invade Your Chimney!

There are few things in life more relaxing than sitting before the fire for some quiet time with the family. Of course, when that quiet time is interrupted by a curious buzzing sound from your chimney, well, the entire situation changes! Arizona is home to many household pests, including bees.

From Bumble Bees and Carpenter Bees to Africanized Honey Bees, you don’t want to let these critters build a hive inside of your home.

Signs of a Bee Hive in a Chimney

Residents in Arizona are likely familiar with Swarming Season. When honey bees swarm, they leave behind their hive to find a new place to call home. Sometimes this means settling down near a household, other times it means setting up shop inside of a household.

As bees swarm and cluster, they’ll dispatch scouts to survey the area to find a nest. As chimneys are a favored place to rest, this means that swarms will often arrive out of nowhere, indicating an infestation before anything can be done to prevent one!

Signs of a bee infestation in your chimney include

  • Buzzing Noise from Fireplace
  • Bees Falling Down Chimney
  • Noise From Chimney Flue

Should I Light a Fire?

With bees nesting in a chimney, it seems reasonable to assume that a simple fire can get them to move. While there is certainly some truth to the idea, we wouldn’t advocate for a fire — and for a good reason. As it turns out, lighting a fire isn’t the fail-proof way to rid ourselves of bees that we may think it is.

Here are a few reasons to consider skipping the fire when finding bees living in your chimney.

  1. They Will Come Back – A lit fire may inspire bees to get moving, but that doesn’t mean they will stay away. Once the fire is extinguished, bees will often return to their original location. Did you know that bees will sometimes swarm above the chimney while waiting for the fire to extinguish itself?
  2. There Might Be A Hive – While we don’t advocate burning down hives even in the best situations, burning one inside of a chimney can become even more problematic. A fully formed hive will be brimming with honey and wax, both of which can melt when exposed to high levels of heat. A hive that comes loose due to melting wax can become a fire hazard, collapsing down the chimney before falling into the fireplace.
  3. They Can Get Angry – Nobody should want to mess with angry bees in the best of times, particularly when they are living in your home! Lighting a fire beneath a potential hive can cause the insects to go into attack mode, becoming defensive while attacking household inhabitants. This can be potentially deadly to individuals with allergies.

How Should I Remove Bees From My Chimney?

If you are dealing with a bee infestation that you believe has led to your chimney, the odds are good that you will need to reference a bee removal specialist. Bees cannot be simply left alone, particularly when they are living within your home.  So what can you do?

  • Seal Off the Chimney – First and foremost, quit using the chimney if you believe it to be inhabited by a hive or swarm of bees. Seal off the area with a garbage bag and some duct tape.
  • Consult An Expert – With the chimney properly sealed, we can rest easy knowing the inhabitants of the home are more protected. Now it is time to call a bee removal specialist to address your potential infestation.
  • Remove the Hive – After consulting with a bee removal specialist, such as Buzz Tech Pest Control, you’ll be ready to prepare for the next step – preventative maintenance.
  • Schedule an Inspection – After the hive has been removed, schedule a thorough inspection of your chimney by an expert. The expert will help you rid yourself of any remaining bees or material so as to prevent them from returning in the future.

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your chimney is the first step toward preventing a bee infestation in your chimney. However, once an infestation arrives, make sure to call your friends at Buzz Tech Pest Control.

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