Who To Call To Get Rid Of Bees In Arizona

When you see a bee around your house, it is understandable that you might become concerned. It is probably not a huge concern if you see just a few bees flying around your flowers. This is especially true if they are bumblebees, which have black and yellow stripes with fuzz. However, there are other bees that you find in other places that could be more dangerous to you or your property. It could be hazardous to you or the bees if you attempt to relocate or exterminate them by yourself. You do not want to hurt honey bees accidentally. A professional company like Buzz Tech is your best option.

Why You Should Leave It to Bee Removal Professionals

You want to find a professional that uses safe and effective services to remove any bees on your property. Professionals such as Buzz Tech have a passion for saving bees as well as removing them from your property. In addition to not using harmful chemicals, there are other reasons why you should rely on professionals.

The bee population is quickly diminishing. The decline in the population poses a huge threat to the environment. Their declining numbers are negatively impacting agriculture globally. These bees are responsible for pollinating about 1/3 of the food that is grown all over the world. A professional can properly remove the bees while preserving the hive and saving the honey bees.

When you attempt to remove bees without the proper equipment and clothes, you may put yourself at risk. If you do not use proper procedures, you can accidentally aggravate and irritate the bees. This means they might swarm, which means you could be stung by hundreds of bees. In addition, removing bees is difficult and must be handled with care.

Depending on where the bees build their colonies, it could be in the siding and soffit of your home. A professional assesses the situation and determines the best way to remove the bees without causing a lot of damage to your home.

When there is a hive, you have no idea what is waiting in it. More specifically, you do not know what type of bees are waiting in the hive. While some bees are harmless, others, including Africanized bees, are not. Africanized bees can attack without being provoked, which makes them dangerous. This type of bee is known to chase people for as far as a quarter of a mile. They are a danger to pets and small children. Africanized bees are often referred to as killer bees. The smaller the victim means, the fewer stings it takes to cause significant damage.

Why Time Is Of The Essence

Timing is essential when it comes to removing bees from your property. First, you want to make sure that the queen does not have time to lay eggs. Depending on the type of bee, the queen can lay as many as 2,000 eggs per day. This means what seems like a minor infestation can turn into something more substantial and dangerous.

It is common for hives to be constructed in corners that are hard to reach. This makes them difficult to remove the hives altogether. You do not want to drop any of the hives on the ground. That moves the hives from up high to down low. It is also possible that it does not remove the entire hive. The colonies will begin to build a new home around the remnant of the hive that is left behind. Even when you manage to get the entire hive down, it must be disposed of properly. Getting rid of the hive is one part of removing bees from your property. The bees also must be removed, or they will remain and be angry that their hive has been destroyed.

Why You Should Trust Buzz Tech

Buzz Tech has a staff of professional beekeepers and technicians. They are experienced and highly trained with stinging insects. In addition, they provide effective, fast, and safe services to remove the bees and their honey safely. As a result, you can expect incredibly fast service from Buzz Tech, which is in typically 60 to 90 minutes.

When they come to the site, they work quickly to assess the problem areas around your house. They then decide the best ways to handle your situation. They are sure to remove the honey because the bees can be tempted to return if the honey is left behind.

Buzz Tech has technicians that are experts in handling all types of bees, including Africanized bees. The Africanized Honeybees are quicker to attack and protect a larger radius around their hive. They defend an area up to 50 feet away from the colony instead of the typical 5 to 10 feet of other types of bees. If you believe you may be dealing with Africanized bees, you should contact Buzz Tech right away.