Why Are Bees So Important Anyway?

Whether you live in the heart of downtown Phoenix or somewhere in the rural surrounding areas, you’re likely used to two things: hot weather and sunshine. There is one OTHER common connector for residents of Arizona and that is their exposure to bumblebees, carpenter bees, honey bees, and even Africanized bees. More than just another pest we have to deal with in Phoenix, bees are incredibly vital to our day-to-day lives.

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Introducing the Mighty Bees

Incredibly hard-working, bees are some of the most important pollinators on the entire planet. As of this writing, we know that there are at least 25,000 different bee species on the planet, subdivided into nine different families. The most prominent family of bees is the Apidae family, containing 5,700 species, of which the Honey Bee and Bumblebee are two.

Prevalent throughout the world and absolutely vital to our long-term health and vitality, let’s break down the direct benefits that bees provide to the world we share with one another.

Pollinating the Planet

Plants reproduce through the process of pollination. Pollination is when the flower, or stamen, is introduced to the female flower, or the pistil. Plants aren’t able to just uproot themselves to mingle, so it is important for pollinators to carry out the process for our planet. Plants regularly rely on animals and insects to help as pollinators. Bumblebees are some of the most prolific pollinators in the state of Arizona thanks to their larger size and frequency of travel.

Without insects like bees, we couldn’t enjoy the world of greenery that surrounds us. Extend that thought further and we can begin to understand the globe-shattering importance of a healthy bee population. According to scientific studies, a colony of bees can help to pollinate more than 4,000 m2 of fruit trees. Bees pollinate more than 70 types of crops, as well.

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Embracing a Sustainable Ecosystem

The natural world that we live in and enjoy could not exist without bees pollinating the countryside. Far more than pollinators for food crops, bees are integral to our ecosystem up to and including wildflowers, shrubs, trees, and even clovers. Now take a moment to consider all of the other creatures that rely on these plants and we can begin to see the falling domino effect of bee extinction.

Current scientific research suggests that certain bees are more effective at pollinating certain plants, offering a better end result. We can look at the Red Mason Bee and its efficacy in pollinating apple blossoms, ranging up to 120x more efficient than honeybees. We can look to other bees and their work pollinating cotton crops as another extreme advantage that these wonderful creatures can provide. Everything from the clothing we wear to the food we enjoy for dinner is dependent on the work of our bee population.

Outside of the pollinator/pollination paradigm, bees are a natural source of food for many creatures in our natural ecosystem. There are a group of birds known as the Meropidae that feed extensively on bees. Bees are also the appetizer of choice for robins, badgers, and other wild animals.

Who knows what other ways the bee population can impact adjacent creatures? It’s becoming increasingly clear that bees are the key by which our sustainable ecosystem turns.

Engineering Food Production

Without a healthy population of pollinators, the world we live in would look dramatically different. Imagine all of the food that requires pollination for production. If bees were no longer around, we would be legitimately at risk of losing the entire production of broccoli, asparagus, apples, almonds, cherries, and cucumbers – just to name a few!

While bees aren’t going to go extinct overnight, nor will the crops they pollinate, we can behave proactively to offset these potential concerns. If you enjoy any of the agricultural goods we’ve discussed above, consider hiring a live bee removal expert for all of your pest concerns.

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