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Why You Should Have a Bee Hive Relocated Instead of Exterminated

Arizonians understand that as May approaches, bee swarming season isn’t too far behind. Bee swarms are incredibly common in Arizona throughout the months of May and June, commonly manifesting in reports of swarms including Africanized Bees.  Closely related to their European ancestors, Africanized Honeybees are quick to attack and fierce when it comes time to protect their territory, a space that could reach up to 50 feet away from the colony.

When stumbling upon a beehive on our property, we may feel compelled to hire a pest extermination team to handle the job. As you’ll soon find out, this might be a mistake! In today’s discussion, we are going to explore the reasons why you should relocate a beehive instead of exterminating the beehive.

Honey Bees: More Than a Nuisance

While it may be easy to castigate insects as annoying pests, they are truly anything but. The honeybee is one of the most common bees found within the state of Arizona, and they are truly vital to the world that we live in and share. According to most scientific experts, bees, bats, and birds represent up to 35% of crop pollination, with bees acting as the primary beans of plant reproduction through the transfer of pollen.

The life of a Honeybee is majestically complex yet deceptively simple at a glance. Honey bees live in highly organized hives led by a single queen. Thousands of worker bees and a sprinkling of male drones will work to produce honey created from collected pollen and nectar. Highly active in the spring, honeybees become a common outdoor pest throughout much of Arizona.

As our globe continues to experience the unforeseen consequences of deforestation, animal extinction, and insect eradication, it becomes all the more important to take a moment before choosing to hire a bee exterminator.

According to a report published by U.S. National Agricultural Statistics, the population of the honey bee in the United States has gone from 6 million hives in 1947 to just 2.4 million hives in 2008. This stunning reduction in the honey bee population has the potential to manifest very real consequences now, in the past, and in the future.

Key Takeaways:

  • Honey Bees are VITAL to the health of our planet.
  • Honey Bees are experiencing a dramatic population decline.
  • Honey Bee hives should be RELOCATED rather than exterminated.

Benefits of Bee Hive Relocation Services

As we have extensively detailed thus far, honeybees are incredibly important to the overall health of the environment. One in three bites of food on Planet Earth can be traced back to the work via pollination that Honey bees dutifully perform every season. As a result, homeowners throughout Arizona should take a moment to pause before hiring an exterminator, instead opting for relocation services.

Let’s look at a few key reasons as to why honey bee relocation services through a professional pest control team are far more effective at helping the planet, protecting our household, and doing a good deed along the way.

Impact on the Animal Kingdom

Scientific researchers around the world believe that honey bees can trace back their original habitats to tropical climates and more heavily forested areas. With that being said, these bees have shown themselves to be hardy creatures, lasting any area where gardens, woodlands, meadows, or other flowering plants are abundant.

Due to the role that they play in plant pollination, honeybees are important to the health and vitality of many herbivores throughout the world. The loss of honeybees would result in trouble raising cows, creating milk products, or enjoying any of the many meat products enjoyed through cattle.

Disaster For Long-term Humanity

Not only will the continued destruction of honeybees do damage to the animal kingdom, but their suffering will also directly impact humans of today, tomorrow, and many years from now. More than just vital for the production of pollen, honeybees are incredibly important to topography, fuel production, clothing production, and eventually human life itself.

Hive Relocation Benefits Homeowners

Even if we pull back from our long-term view of honeybee survival, we can find immediate benefits for homeowners who opt to have hives removed rather than exterminated. Hiring a bee removal expert who relocates hives can help to produce a range of immediate benefits.

  • Save Generations of Bees
  • Avoid Extermination Chemicals
  • Deter Future Hive Development
  • Safe & Harmless Process For Bee and Human

Local Bee Removal Experts at Buzz Tech Pest Control

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